Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Up to a little something

Hey guys i hope all is well where ever you are sorry i haven't posted in a while life is distracting at times but i do have some new stuff to post up i will admit i have been forgetting to take out my camera sometimes also taken pictures of myself in my outfits i forget to do that to sorry anyways. I'm gonna try and post more even if its just little short entries and use my camera more. I also changed the background color what do you guys think of it?

 I bought a pokemon keychain just cause i love the charms for it now i am trying to figure out what is gonna be made in to what i know its either gonna be necklace or earrings or both guys give me some idea's please like which ones for what? 

Here is the rest of my brothers Christmas gift to myself it took forever for me to get started on my Nightwing collection i guess it was my last order out of the 3 

Im sure everyone has made rice krispy treats well you can do the same thing with other cereals to this one i used corn flakes then pushed it into a pizza pan and poured melted chocolate over it, its not overly sweet which is nice and this one you can break up into chunks or cut  

Found these little babies at the dollar store the lemongrass citrus one smells super good i could smell it all days but when burning it, its very faint a little disappointing but oh well i have yet to burn the vanilla one i also want to use the containers afters for the awesome plant called succulents. 

My crochet adventures starts off with my cowl which is almost done i just need to do a few more things and its finished and i started working on my shawl which is the next photo i have to take it slow cause i struggle with joint pain in fingers sometimes so i had to tone down on gaming and crocheting its sad but i am happy i can atleast do both still 

A while back the man of the house decided to make us breakfast so yay it was delicious I'm happy he knows how to cook my eggs people have messed up before 

This is the best recipe for peanut butter cookies its super easy i usually don't even use a recipe so it much be shared 
1 cup of sugar ( I usually don't use a full cup it cause i roll the cookies in sugar afterwords)
1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla 
2 tbsp flour
Mix together , roll into balls roll in sugar and use a folk to my the classic impression 
put onto greased cookie sheet 
bake for 15 mins at 350 this cookie is also good for making a cookie cake pretty much double the recipe & do 
all same thing but put in one of those greased shallow aluminum pans sprinkle sugar on the bottom then spread out the cookie dough and put some more sugar on top bake for the same amount of time once its cooled down you can write on it with your choice of icing 


I tryed to give myself kitty nails they sorta worked out i need more practice 

My area winter this is just the half of it we got more snow sense i took this picture yesterday 

Well i hope everyone has a great day 

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