Saturday, June 30, 2018

Art in the park

Hi everyone 
This year when we did the the whole art in the park thing was just my mom and i but i ran into some other family and wonderful friends which i didn't get pictures of sadly non the less here is the yearly pictures i took of the event 

Thank you for the visit sending lots of love and good vibes ♥

Friday, April 27, 2018

Linda's fashion & accessories show

Hi everyone 
so recently i went to the yearly fashion show to support are friend and drink lots of tea also snack on some homemade goodies. This year the fashion show was held in a different location and the models got to walk in a well lit area also if anyone had any questions or wanted to feel the fabric the models were wearing they could now keep in mind these clothes are expensive but they are local which is the part i like. I would not buy any of the clothing myself since they aren't my style also the price but its always fun to go and still enjoy the show. I wore my new lolita which if you want to see pictures just check my Instagram teatimepearls 

Thank you for visiting sending lots of love and good vibes ♥