Saturday, February 2, 2019

Comic con 2018

Hey everyone 
its that time again comic con season for my town this year i dressed up as red or ash from pokemon it was a great time. i got to see old friends and make new ones. This year felt a little different for me just cause i dressed up as someone people knew so i got my photo taken a little more then what i am ever used to it was a good change so here are the photos i took 

my bestfriend in lolita so pretty 

My haul 

That all for now sorry i am so late on posting this up things have been hard and busy so i have been very late on posting up these blog post i will admit i have forgot about it life gets in the way alot but i am trying now thank you for the visit ♥ 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

pride day 3

Hey everyone 
lets start with saying day 3 started with the parade 
which was really fun but super hot plus this was the first time my mom got go to something like this so we enjoyed the parade then went back to enjoy a few hour of the last day of pride there was so many people and my mom met some of my friends and petted a bunch of dogs all in all it was a good last day of pride it was also still just as packed as it has been on the 2nd day.

That is all i can remember but non the less thank you for visiting sending love and good vibes ♥