Monday, April 14, 2014

Violet LeBeaux

I always wanted to write something nice about this amazing girl she is into Japanese fashion big on hime ( princess style) but she has been known to do other styles to fill her world and help fill are's full of sparkles , frills and lace. 
I found her blog rather randomly looking for new craft idea's when i stumbled on to her's I desided to keep on following her on Facebook and DeviantArt and Tumblr turns out on 2 of those she followed me back which was super sweet it was DeviantArt and Tumblr i never had any of the people i continue to read there blog does such nice things and if you have questions she usually answer them within a few days unless she has been really busy which is understandable.
Violet lives in Melbourne Astraila with her photographer/chef James the only reason why i call him chef is he does more cooking and Violet is all for making the pretty desserts they also own a cute puppy named Lottie.
She kinda does it all really she sew's , knits , paints ,does makeup tutorials , hair & nails. 
Violet is a full time blogger she works really hard to make it great video's and tutorials for people to try out i do plan on making a bunch of things off of her blog in my own style. 
I am happy to say i count her as a good friend, I hope to meet her someday she is easy to talk to has a fun upbeat personality cant go wrong with that now here is the information she loves followers so you should follow her!! ♥   this is her blog her youtube channel 


  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely post about me Brittany! I love it!! <3<3<3 You are so sweet!

    1. Thank you so much for thinking that it means alot <33