Friday, April 4, 2014

Cult party Kei

Cult party kei

Cult party kei, named after the Harajuku shop Cult Party (now known as the Virgin Mary), is a relatively new coined style that is based on Western religious artifacts like crosses or bibles. Common aspects include crosses wired in yarn, layers of fabric in soft colors, lots of cream lace, satin bows and bible prints. The make-up and hairstyle is not as over the top as other styles. In fact, Cult party kei is often worn with natural looking make-up without any larger emphasis on the eyes and simple hair-dos with roses. Cult party kei is considered by some to be a subset of dolly kei.they use alot of night gowns and robes stuff that could be thrifted its also important to remember that cult party can use your handmade skills dont be shy its okay if it not prefect  here is a some pictures to be inspired by 

                                Here are a few places for more information and inspiration 

Also if you have facebook and you are interested in this there is a lovely group called Cult party kei & Shironuri worldwide it has a bunch of wonderful people including myself and everyone is welcomed.

                             here is a few video's from youtube on it i think she is adorable and sweet 

                                                           & now more picture spam :P 

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