Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Comic Con

Hey everyone so this was my very first comic con i got to cosplay at i'm still pumped even though its done it was a all day thing & i got some goods to . I met alot of wonderful people and made some new friends i hope to see & cosplay with them again non the less enjoy the photos. 

We got to meet the author of the book will was reading the guy was really awesome even i talked to him for some of the time 

These two make wonderful stuff out of chain mail you can find them on facebook Violet dragons treasures 

Me with the 2 iron man and woman very cool costumes 


Five nights at Freddy's costume was fantastic this is Springtrap 

Joker and Harley 

Darth vader attack on titans 

Ryuko from kill la kill

Mikasa from attack on titans

Bee's and puppycat 

Nonon from kill la kill 

Ken from tokyo ghouls & sadly im not sure who the other one is oops 

Homura & Madoka from mahou shoujo madoka magika
 Me with jean gray 

Hatsume Miku

handsome jack 

The alice crew 

My girl Sarah in her fully handmade costume always so talented she is dressed as Rufio from peter pan and me 

I so had to get my picture with one of are news guys 

my bunch of goodies i got 

Thank you everyone for visiting ♥

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