Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brentwood family day

So i went to Brentwood family day my dad was working it and we got a bunch of free food and i got to hold so many wonderful animals ♥ but here is a warning i don't look very good i am doing a whole lot of derpy face but everyone was so nice and even if they didn't work there they still didn't mind taken pictures and helping people out it was a great few hours now picture time 

They had a batman  i had to get my picture with

For my mom she loves Cinderella


 I loved holding this snake and thank you random stranger for taken my pictures on this 

dad is the one in blue we were counting the number of watermelon we were snacking on 

I love this little gecko so sweet i wanted to take it home and a bunny or two 

 dad got a picture of me holding on of the buns so yay super so soft i could of petted and held them all day so sweet most of them were cuddlers 

Thank you for visiting it was a great few hours i love going every year there is something new 

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