Friday, March 6, 2015

Tea time magazines & hyacinth

Hi everyone i hope everyone is well and thanks for visiting today is just a small update i wanted you guys to see my collection of tea time magazines and a few recipes. I have been collecting these magazines sense i moved out and found out they sold them in are local shopper drug mart if you are not able to find them no worries they have a wonderful site which you can visit. I also got a few scans of some recipes you might enjoy so here they only come out with 4 magazines a years so i have been collecting for some time now. 

and here are the scans of the recipes 

here is the website you can go to 

Also good news my hyacinth is slowly growing I cant wait to see what color flowers it will grow into 

Last time i went shopping i did a mini cheap haul 
I bought a bunny to paint from the dollar store  

 More jewelry making goodies 

  and last this heavy but so warm old lady sweater i thrifted hopefully it can be used for cult party next winter sense are Canadian winter is coming close to the end by next month we should be moving on spring 

Well thank you everyone for visiting ♥

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