Friday, March 20, 2015

Cult party on a budget part 1

I know i already covered something like this before i also know alot of us cant afford Japanese brands or go to japan to get those unique clothes i am being realistic here but I'm here to help even if your into a different styles like mori, dolly & fairy style which is other fashions which I feel you don't need buy from japan or china. I will admit it would be awesome to do it but for now i rather save up and go there someday while remaking clothes and accessories ^^ 

Lets start off on some stuff you can find and use at the dollar stores we pretty much all have them around 

Buttons , yarn , beads and some jewelry kits , key chains, stuffed animals,  ribbon , socks, tights, scarfs & fake flowers all of these have many uses you just gotta be creative 
Some pictures & tutorials to make these yarn flowers 

Flower pin out of ribbon 

 Tattoo tights 

also now a days some dollar stores is selling tie dye kits so you could always do ombre tights 

Scarf bag

stuffed animal scarfs

So guys this is just part 1 I'm not sure how long im gonna make the little series but please enjoy and thanks for visiting 

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