Friday, May 30, 2014

Small update

Sorry i haven't been posting things have been weird but i manage to get a few pictures along the way I should really tho take out my camera more it is one of the reasons why i got thing :P. Well lets start by things haven't been super busy i have made a new skirt out of some fabric i found in my closest okay this was going to be one of my outfits for my day out but i switched the stockings.
 I dyed my hair and its easy to keep up i rather enjoy the whole berry look but now its faded a little more then in the photo's its became a little more pastel its nice even tho I will be re dying it after my next hair wash.
P.s I made the headband to i know its good for cult party but i use it anytime i think my outfits look good with it .

 The skirt i made is a half moons 3 sides super comfy made out of a stretchy material all completely hand sewn i used the pattern off of another skirt i bought planning on making/finishing another skirt soon. 

 I love eating Japanese food so when i make it i make a fake yet tasty version instead of how we usually just eat it with some soy sauce and that its i decided to make my hand in peanut sauce very tasty and very easy recipe if you guys want it i will give it you then i chopped up some cucumbers yummy fried a egg and cut up some left over hot dog cause why not it was all very filling i had leftovers. 

and last my mom decided for us to get are nails so i just choose these for a simple manicure the sparkly pink/purple and then sparkly gold i am thinking about adding something more to it sense i do have some rhinestone's or flat back pearls to jazz these up sense mom was payed i tryed to be a cheap as possible turns out the stuff i got will last 2 weeks without chipping sorry guys for the small update i plan to be better with my camera very soon. So everyone have a great day    

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