Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blair wedding / My birthday

Hey everyone i hope all is well. 
So recently it was my 29th birthday and on the same day my nephews wedding it was fun nature filled day and this vegan didn't starve there was a lot of food and family all in all it was a wonderful day lots of happy tears and i'm so happy to have a new niece in the family. 

Selfie with niece Kaylee

Finally got a picture of my great nephew Parker he is so cute and its always a good thing to see my step sister happy 

So since it was my birthday and all my mom surprised me with this rich very moist vegan chocolate cake it was yummy and it was so awesome how even the groom joined in on singing me happy birthday it made the day even that much more special. 

The campsite we were at had all these cute free roam chickens i know in a picture it looks like they are caged they aren't its just a way to protect them also its where there house is 

That is all for this one thank you for visiting sending lots of love and good vibes ♥

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