Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pc gaming

Hi everyone
 I hope your doing well i want to talk to you guys about some big chunk of my childhood yes more video games but about Pc gaming it something i didn't think i would of got into if it wasn't for my dad and his computer also buying a bunch of games for my brother and i to play together or by are selves. I thought about it all last night once my friend mentioned classic tomb raider there was a time where i did play a good chunk of actual computer games.

First off lets talk about tomb raider pc 1996 version it was fun trapping the creepy Butler in the meat locker before setting off to get attacked by big cats and other things.

Then there was House of the dead 1 which both my brother and i played together and by are selves now the thing about playing 2 players on it one got the mouse the other got the arrow keys and i think the space bar to shot which was challenging cause my brother usually got the mouse aside from that good times we would always change the blood around the only time we has any sort of difficulty was fighting the final boss which was the magician who is pain with his non stop moving also he has no weakness's like the other boss's but oh good times plus his character concept was always cool in my books plus it was the start of my love of horror ish video games some i shall play like this and there one more on the list of pc games that is consider old school horror ish.

Here is the other one we played called Nightmare creatures what i neat game especially when it came to cutting the guys in half now this game also has its difficulties but still so much fun i forgot which character i played more both are good and fun in there own ways. 

Now Rainbow six 1998 version we tried to play i didn't get very far but my brother got further then i did on the game but hey we tried now i think we both upped are video game skills after so long. 

& last not least Diablo 1 if there was a game i played a little more then House of the dead and Nightmare creatures it was Diablo i also think it helped sparked my brothers love of Blizzard even more and a big chunk of there games Diablo may always have a positive effect on me since i am back to playing it now but the 3rd one oh the memories ♥.

now here is a picture of my character on Diablo 3 best choice i made was being a not squishy self healer monk i am thinking about upping the difficulty now that i got the hang of things again also thanks to i have now tried my hand at streaming turns out you don't need all the stuff like you do for regular streaming on twitch so far since its still new we can only stream on Facebook but still neat experience. I also play a little Wow but i am still working on the trial version cause i am to poor to pay for it i am also on monk there to.

I am slowly trying to get back in to pc gaming since its what i am usually on most plus pc is the master race just saying plus my lappy can play some pretty decent ones so yay if you would like to add me on either Steam or please message me maybe we can be friends.

That's all for now folks thanks for visiting and reliving a little bit of my childhood with me sending you all love and good vibes ♥

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