Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Comic Con party

Hi everyone i hope your all doing the best you can on this rough year.
This year was my first year getting invited to one of these also the fact there was no Christmas con this year it was nice that there was this party sadly i forgot to take any of my own pictures but still i got some thanks friends and thank you Rachel & her hubby on the great hosting ♥ it was great and much needed. 
There was so much food and laughs I'm so happy to have a cosplay family i know at one point of the party i was almost happy tearing up cause of how happy i was to be involved.
Since it was icy cold a lot of us just wore wigs, Christmas hats and tacky Christmas sweaters. I wore my cute purple wig this time and we played about 3 board games which was really fun even Disney charades which i felt more confident once i was finishing my 2nd glass of red wine with cranberry juice yum 

That's all for today thank you for visiting sending love and good vibes ♥
p.s on the way home with Sarah we saw 2 deer's very cool 

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