Monday, October 3, 2016

My first trip in years

Hi everyone 
so i finally got the opportunity to go on my first trip with dad all over Ontario things didn't go as planned that's for sure but atleast there was no fighting i did mention a bunch of places to go to like this butterfly conservatory and great wolf lodge places in Niagara falls but when we drove there we got lost and ended up in Guelph haha. I didn't get many pictures i mostly just got enough for one day even though I was gone for 5  maybe next time things will workout better that's if my dad wants to travel with me oh well please enjoy the pictures i do have. These pictures were all taken during the summer sorry it took so long to post up.

African lion safari 

I rode on my first elephant 

Selfie with goat 

We had a couple days we ended up in London Ontario this was my favorite breakfast its vegetarian eggs benedict it had roasted tomato's and spinach instead of meat had that and a earl gray tea

Guys sorry for such a late post i don't no whats up but non the less i am planning on getting back into more blogging again so thank you all for visiting hopefully next blog post wont take so long to put up ♥

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