Monday, August 1, 2016

Pokemon Go

Hey everyone i hope your all doing well
 this is my first time talking about this topic and how i have a love hate relationship with it. I had my first big experience with it when a bunch of gathered in a park i didn't know how big the turn out was but it was huge. I don't have Pokemon go and getting data on my phone for a game is just so expensive and not one of my priorities. 
When we went to the park pretty much everyone was playing the game there was even a guy near the end of the night we met who was selling Pokemon team stickers which i was tempted cause even though i don't have the game i feel pride one team in particular team instinct i feel has my heart and the red vs blue drama is annoying but that's just my 2 cents. 
Note i do not clam these pictures as my own please give credit to the proper owners

now for the good and bad parts of game since i am one of the few who isn't playing it but the good thing even if i was playing it people still knew i love the pokemon and i still had my pokemon pride with my 3ds around with me which was nice plus all the nature and being in a park i never been in since i lived here forever people were so nice and i seen a few adorable dogs to which made me happy i did get to meet some nice people and see friends i haven't seen in a while which is always good the comments they made me laugh.

Now the downside since i wasn't playing the game i couldn't get all into there reaction on them catching these Pokemon unless it was nidoran male i got overly excited over that little cutie. i also started feeling out of place near the end of the night people were being more quiet about it and would only yell out sometimes if a certain Pokemon showed up i was thankful i had my 3DS with me so i continued to play my restarted version of Pokemon black 2 til we left so aside from all that i thought it was a good night next time though i'm taken pictures of all the flowers and nature cause hey something more to blog about and cant go wrong with pretty nature i hope everyone has a wonderful day sending love and good vibes and thanks visiting ♥

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