Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mini update

Hi everyone this isn't much but i got some pictures to post up on what little that happened this week first off i tried my hand at making tonkatsu onigirazu it turned out pretty good and filling 

Then i got this awesome letter and picture from my new penpal from Germany she is pretty wonderful i still need to send off her letter but non the less i do like this new found friendship 

For the first time i got to go to lazer tag with some pretty awesome people and my ladies <3 now sense it was my first time i am happy i didn't get in last place even though are team lost oh well i feel greatful that my bestfriend invites me to go to these places with her school clubs she is in 

and well yesterday my dad surpised me with pixie lilies for Easter they have yet to bloom but when they do it will be so pretty my dad said they will bloom purple lilies 

That is all for now thanks for visiting i hope everyone has a wonderful Easter sending love and good vibes where ever you are ♥


  1. The onigirazu look perfect!

    I love how we are all wearing glasses in that photo at laser tag (except my sister).

    1. yeah it worked out nicely and i wonder how your sister would look in glasses