Friday, November 6, 2015

Layers in cult party

Alot of people think you need a lot of layers to do cult party i shall show you a few different examples on the different number of layers you can do and still be considered cult party i think this will help for people who want to go more casual or more dressy 

long night coat + t-shirt + long skirt + accessories 

first girl 
t-shirt + night gown + accessories
2nd girl
dressy shirt + night top + pants + accessories 

short coat + long sleeve + pj bottoms + accessories 

long shirt + short coat + night gown + skirt + tights 

t-shirt + skirt 1 + skirt 2 + accessories 

t-shirt + skirt + added accessories 

long sleeve + night gown + tights 

dress shirt + quilt pants + accessories 
night coat + long sleeve dress shirt + dress + accessories 

coat + vest + dress + bloomer + accessories 

dress shirt + vest + pants + accessories 

thank you for visiting i hope this has helped i send lots of and good vibes your way 

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