Friday, October 24, 2014

Wonderful gifts

These are just gifts i got for my birthday or i choose out cause we went thrifting sorry its not a big post or anything i haven't had much energy to do something crafty or creative D: .

Lets start this was my birthday gift from my good friend Brittany its so comfy i love my kigurumi and its Stitch woot.  

 Next these are some random gifts from are friend Dave some dog treats for Jin , dubble bubble gum to snack on and these gloves.  

 This i got as a early birthday present from one of are most amazing wonderful friends Krystle this was the first time a friend has gotten me perfume and it smells really nice and the bracelet fits my tiny wrist. 

 These are the things i got at Frankenmuth my love of adventure time continues and the dress/top the rest of the stuff i cant post up cause they are gifts for others which they will get sooner or later. 

 My new thrifted goodies fake pearls in fall colors and cute bunny brooch a red dress shirt and the pastel ish turtleneck if i dont like it i will cut the neck part off 

 Now these are goodies i got as the rest of my dad's birthday gift to me i dont remember if i posted up the other stuff i got from this wonderful store but its one of my favorite places to go its called the Vintage witch shoppe they have such lovely stuff that works great for going with my slowly building up cult party kei wardrobe non the less here are the 4 things i got a rose brooch , more pearls , a lovely white peignoir and a off white tutu.

 My mom gave me this yesterday a bunny snow globe its cute but the bf said it was creepy cause it was all white. 

Sorry its not much of a update i know i need to get my butt in gear and start making stuff the holidays are coming up and i dont want to fall behind or become super stressed out so hopefully soon i can get in gear and show some descent stuff non the less i hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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