Monday, September 29, 2014


So a while ago I had my birthday I am sadly 26 -.- my mom and her girlfriends desided to take to me Frankenmuth for the night i didn't take as many pictures as i woulda liked it didn't help that it was raining i tryed. I would love to go back there again non the less please enjoy. I took a good handful of pictures of anything witch like or bunnies but it cant be helped plus everyone is getting ready for Halloween also breakfast at the hotel the next day was fantastic i loved having biscuits and gravy i would go back for that and happy hour there where you get 2 free drinks if your of age i got carded it was awesome plus i was the only one with colorful hair. We also tried to check out most of the stores to get outta the rain which worked for the most part my feet were hurting for all the walking we did in a day and half.  

 We also checked out Bronner's which is a lovely Christmas store they have tons of nice stuff even though its all reasonably price it sure add's up sorry i didn't get no actual Christmas pictures i was well distracted to take pictures.

That's all for now folks i shall post up my gifts and such next post i hope everyone has a great day.  

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