Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey everyone

I know its been a while sense i last blogged things have been weird haven't done much also haven't took alot of pictures but i will tell you what is up first off are group of friends started up D&D so we have been doing a little of that and i still need to write a background thing on my character oops i should get on that soon also in other news i have been doing a little bit of random shopping got some cute things and something that can be used for cult party woot yes i went back thrifting yesterday and i was happy i didn't spend very much money. 
Lets start out with the things i got from Clair's got these all last month 

and now random drawing and dollarstore pens 

I did get a chance to take some pictures of a butterfly i tryed to save it was weak and couldn't fly so i moved it to a place where i thought it would be more safe from other animals to think its food.

and last but not least what goodies i got thrifting alot of ribbons 2 soft bedtime tank tops and lots of stationery.
 cheap costume jewelry 
I hope to go thrifting more for my birthday coming up but first we are anniversary where we have been together for 4 years now a few rough patches but no relationship is prefect.
I have also been back to playing alot of animal crossing new leaf and drawing still altho i have so many other crafts to finish -.- oh well i hope everyone is having a good day.  

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