Friday, July 11, 2014

Video games

These have been the video games i have been well distracted with for a good while now some i play on and off and the others i play them all day. I know i am a little late on posting up the video games but its better late then never and now its a actual worth while post in my opinion later on i shall post more video games and anime and hopefully other fun stuff .

 Lets start off with pokemon X and Y i always go back to it to wonder trade or to evolve the pokemon i haven't yet i also battle trainers around the world sometimes. I post up the picture of changing the clothes cause its a fun mini benefit of the game in my opinion i always change her clothes and buy the ones i don't have it cant be helped. i have been playing pokemon sense it came out but i do enjoy this one cause you see mostly all the pokemon from all the different generations plus there are some super wonderful trainers out there who will somehow surprise you and give you someone you need. 

Next is Etrian Odyssey Untold The Millennium Girl  now this game it is a 2nd installment of the first one with new characters new dungeon crawlers upgraded 3D dungeons and monsters its a 3DS game i struggle putting it down cause its fun to fight the monsters get items and become rich non the less most of the monster/ animals are pretty neat yes they have a cheesy name but who cares there are some creepy monsters which i cant stand but have to fight them anyways -.-

Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for the PSP its a game based on Japans Edo period in Kyoto and the streets are protected by these mysterious samurai and you spot them while trying to look for your father you play a girl named Chizuru and once you get found by them you are put under their protection non the less odd things happen of course and lots of threat of death im sorry if i am bad at describing this game sense its my good friends she told me its like a story but you get to decide and romance these demon samurai. I'm sure you woulda figured it out from its name. I think there is about 7 samurai's you can romance but these are the main 5 i know i will have play the game over and over again to get all them oh yes i will probably be talking about the anime of it sometime not sure when but yes they have a anime about it but different title still have the Hakuoki part tho and the same characters. 

 Last but not least Tales of Symphonia Chronicles this one i know is gonna take a while aside from it having both games i am still trying to beat the first part bosses must hate me cause if they annoy me enough i will stop playing for a while in till i figure out how to beat them non the less its pretty fun i do enjoy the tales of series i also own abyss for the 3DS but i shall talk about that later like all rpg grinding is a must also buying alot of potions and revives.

Bonus these are the video games i would like to own but it has to wait i got bills to pay and food to put on the table but i feel so lucky having good friends that let me borrow their games on this list 2 games are borrowed which are Hakuoki and the Odyessey game non the less i am taken really good care of there games i dont want to lose there trust or nothing well here is the little list of games all of which are 3DS games unless posted otherwise.

1. Tomodachi life 
2.Pokemon Omega ruby or Alpha sapphire
3.Kirby Triple Deluxe 
4.One Piece unlimited world either for the (3DS or PS3)  
5/6. these 2 games are maybe's first there is Mario party island tour & Gardening mama 2 forest friends

As you can tell i kinda have a trend going alot of the games i play are anime based soon i will be talking about my Xbox360 games and such also if you have suggestions on games i should play let me know ^^ I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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