Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More anime

Sorry i still haven't figured out how to put pages in pages if that makes sense cool but its about time for a small update before i get on with more anime you might want to watch well recently I haven't took any pictures of myself because my face broke out in a rash and i rather not been seen even tho i have gone out in public only to see my close friends well my face was a red as a tomato and peeling it wasn't fun just recently it started to go down so now my face isn't as red or peeling less I have tryed to get a hold of the my doctor for almost a week but no answer it still makes me wonder and disappoints me :( . Anyways lets get on with it please enjoy. 

Kyoukai No Kanta  

Its a dark fantasy anime about a high school sophomore named Akihito who although appears human is really half youmu and is invulnerable to wounds and can heal quickly.One day he meets a girl named Mirai about to jump from the school rooftop ready to jump well Akihito saves her and the adventure begins.

Yuru Yuri 
Four fun loving school girls take over a former tea ceremony club for their own "Gorakubu" non the less its funny cute anime.

Masane one of the surviving after Tokyo was destroyed ancient line of women only warriors to weld the mysterious weapon known as the witchblade its a really good anime in opinion even with all the boobs i love to rewatch this anime they also have a manga but its a different story.

Follow a vampire named Alucard and a police girl named Seras Victoria as they exterminate other vampires in England as they slowly find out a new breed of vampire arise's to exterminate. 

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
A company of ghost moved into Daten city feeding on peoples greed the 2 angels panty and stocking are sent from heaven to exterminate them but in reality got kicked out for bad behavior you should watch this if you haven't already its amazing its up their on one of my favorites.

Cowboy Bebop
Spike Spiegel a bounty hunter with a dark past lives on bounty to bounty barely, making it each time, with his partners Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein the dog help him with his adventures going planet to planet.

Deadman Wonderland
Ganta Igarashi has been convicted of a crime he hasn't committed & is sent to a new, privately owned and operated prison, where inmates are the main attraction with a twist.Throw in a weird girl and new found powers and a little conspiracy.

Nyan Koi!
Junpei a high school student who despises cats and has allergies to them. One day walking home from school he kicks a can and breaks the guardian statue of cats. he now understands cats however if he does not grant 100 wishes from cats he will be turned into a cat himself. 

Thats all for now guys i got rid of the pages for anime and video games it was to confusion to figure out so i shall just post a bunch without dealing with it thanks for being so understanding ♥ have a great day everyone.         


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