Friday, October 6, 2017

Vegfest 2017

Hi everyone 
this year i got to go Vegfest with my family it was amazing its so awesome to see all the people either vegan, vegetarian or at least being opened minded on the whole idea of trying a plant based diet as for me i have been vegan for 5 months now and i am so happy i did it i wanted to do it when i was vegetarian for over a year. We went early which is good cause it was packed they had tons of free samples also you could buy extra food to eat or take home it was a great day and i cant wait for next year 

This was the first food demonstration we watched she made vegan nacho cheese and black eyes pea hummus is what we got to try out she also owns her restaurant in Detroit

Ingrid Newkirk was the big hit at Vegfest she was funny and so cool i wish i got to talk to her face to face cause after the talk she was walking around the event i knew about Peta for years but this was the first time it being even more in your face 

I ended up getting a free vegan makeover it all the stuff she used on me was all natural, non toxic, vegan, gluten free, fragrance free , locally made and Canadian made the make up company is called Shop Eco i also got a free 10 buck gift card thing so i could maybe pick up one of there products for free or cheaper i was so out of my comfort zone on this one but i did it anyways you can find them online on there Facebook page ShopEco 

This was my haul i got a new tote which is huge from Vegan Vibes, ton of strawberries , some dairy free soy free yogurt was was soo good i got a crystal necklace from Bare Bones Jewelry and my favorite kombucha from The Holistic Guys and a bunch of free stuff like stickers, pins, coupons  and pamphlets which aren't shown 

That is all for this event i cant wait for next year i'm so proud of everyone who came so they must have a open mind on the whole thing or else they wouldn't of check it out non the less sending you all love and good vibes ♥

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