Thursday, February 4, 2016

Projects & ramen

Hi everyone today's goodies is just some crocheting stuff i have been working on and something i am proud of which is also my poor man ramen its very yummy and i put a lot of work into it 

My first pair of hand warmers made from thrifted yarn i used 2 different kinds it turned out pretty good for my first time i have a little story to go with these i had one of those restless nights where i was feeling super creative and sleep deprived so i did these they are just rectangles and you sew the sides but leave enough for your thumb i also only used the single crochet stitch so even more easier

Forever continuing to work on this shawl I'll get it done someday 

food prep for poor mans fancy ramen i even pan fried some crispy tofu 

here is dinner finished it was yummy and filling 

thanks for visiting sending love and good vibes ♥

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